Holme Valey

Lovely Pennine valey including some charming villages including Hepworth and Holmfirth

View from above Holmfirth View of Castle Hill, Huddersfield from Holmfirth Sunset in the Holme Valley, near Holmfirth

Nestling in the foothills of the Pennines the Holme Valley runs from Holme Moss at its highest point through some beautiful scenery of natures making and past some picturesque villages from man's more creative days.

The outlook has changed over the years as mills have come and gone, some remain now serving as luxury apartments and some as business units. The stone of which the majority of buildings are fabricated was hewn from the earth in the local area and provides a charm and grandeur to the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Woodland, moor land and pasture land soften the features of this dramatic landscape. The views are many and varied with every turn and hill summit.

This is a walkers paradise with many paths, providing walks to suit all needs and plenty of inns and pubs to satisfy all thirsts. For the adventurous the Pennine Way is very near by but many more modest walks await to delight walkers of all levels of vitality.

Guides and maps are available from the Tourist Information Centre in Holmfirth.

The villages in the Holme valley were built before the days of the motor car and seem to cling to the contours of the land, shaping the houses to fit the available space. The effect ranges from charming to awe inspiring but they are all well worth a visit, especially if you can do so on foot.

Holmfirth itself is lovely but make time to see the likes of Hepworth, Holme, Netherthong and Upperthong. Honley is also a quaint village with many interesting shops and galleries.

Drive up the road to Holme Moss and you will see some of the most breathtaking views. Stop in the car park near the top and take in the splendour of the Holme Valley.